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Tutoring Resources

The following students have identified themselves as statistics tutors. The Department of Statistics is not endorsing or recommending these tutors. We are providing this list for your convenience, to be used at your discretion.

NamePreferred ContactPay RateTutor LevelComments
Olivia$50/hour for UCI studentsUndergrad statistics
  • 3rd year statistics PhD student
  • B.S. Math, B.S. Chemistry, M.S. Statistics
  • 4 years of tutoring experience high school and undergrad math
  • TA for Stats 7
Kyle$50/hour for AP/college level courses*
Per individual agreement for other levels
*Willing to negotiate price based on your goals, interests, and situation.
  • Undergraduate statistics
  • Undergraduate mathematics at calc 3 or lower
  • Any math for high, middle, or elementary school students
  • Tutoring since 2009 (10+ years)
  • Experience with all ages from 1st graders to seniors in college
  • 6 years work experience at Boy’s and Girl’s Club
  • BA in Mathematics
  • Ph.D. student in Statistics
  • TA for Stats 7
  • See more information (including background check) at
Derenik$50/hour for UCI studentsUndergrad statistics/mathematics
  • 5 years of Tutoring Experience
  • Subjects: Statistics, Mathematics, and Physics
  • B.S. in Applied Mathematics from UCLA
  • PhD Student in Statistics
Wei Hu(949) 378-8160
$50/hour for UCI studentsUndergrad statisticstutoring experience in grad stats;
TA for STATS 7 at UCI;
4th year stats PhD;
BS in math
Simon$50/hour for UCI studentsUndergrad statistics
  • 2 years of tutoring experience at UCLA
  • TA for Stats 7 and Stats 67
  • 2nd year Stats PhD
  • B.S. Statistics & B.S. Computational Mathematics from UCLA
Corey Katz $50/hour for UCI students
Undergrad statistics/mathematics
2nd year Ph.D. student in statistics.  Tutoring Experience, TA for STATS 7 and 8. B.S. in Mathematics with a specialization in computational Mathematics from UCI. Available for 2019 Summer Session II.
Mary Ryan Pay rate: $50/hour for UCI students – reduced rates for groups of 2-3. Negotiable high school rates Undergraduate & AP statistics, undergraduate mathematics below calculus 3, high school mathematics
  • 4th year PhD candidate in Statistics
  • B.A. in Statistics with a minor in mathematics
  • TA for Stats 67
  • 3+ years math tutoring experience at undergraduate level
Arnold Seong $50/hour for UCI students
reduced individual rate for group of 2 or 3
Undergrad Statistics
 >10 yrs tutoring/teaching experience
TA for Stats 7, 67
2nd year Stats PhD
BA in English, MFA in Poetry, MS Stats
>10 yrs tutoring/teaching experience
TA for Stats 7, 67
2nd year Stats PhD
BA in English, MFA in Poetry, MS Stats
Tong Shen$50/hour for UCI students
Undergrad statistics 5th year Stats PhD
Tutoring experience. TA for Stats 7 and Stats 67.
B.S. in Statistics in China