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Statistics Professors Daniel Gillen and Hernando Ombao will be honored during an August ceremony as Fellows of the American Statistical Association.

Statistics Professors Daniel Gillen and Hernando Ombao have been named Fellows of the American Statistical Association (ASA), the nation’s preeminent professional statistical society. One of the highest honors in the profession, fellows are recognized “for outstanding professional contributions to and leadership in the field of statistical science,” according the ASA.

Gillen is noted for his contributions to statistical methodology in censoring-robust survival analysis, group sequential methods and genetic epidemiology; for continuing and effective mentoring of students; for exemplary statistical consulting; and for significant contributions to the statistical profession.
Ombao is specifically noted for his contributions to time series analysis, spatio-temporal models and signal processing, and their applications to brain imaging and neuroscience; and for student mentoring in these research areas.

“The designation of ASA Fellow has been a significant honor for nearly 100 years,” the ASA says. Only one-third of one percent of ASA members can be elected fellows annually, and recipients are nominated by their ASA-member peers. Fellows are evaluated on their contributions to the advancement of statistical science, the impact of their published works, their position with their employer, and activities with the ASA and other professional societies. “To be honored, nominees must have an established reputation in the profession and have made outstanding contributions to statistical science,” the ASA adds.

Ombao and Gillen will be honored during a formal award ceremony at the Joint Statistical Meetings in Chicago this August, where Statistics Professor and ASA President Jessica Utts will give a presidential address. Gillen and Ombao join an ICS cohort of ASA fellows that includes UCI Statistics Professors Utts, Hal Stern and Wesley Johnson.