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For the Spring 2020 Seminar Series, all talks will take place at 4 p.m. on Thursdays from April 9-May 7 and 4 p.m. on Tuesdays from May 12-June 2 live on Zoom.


For additional information, please contact Seminar Administrative Coordinator: Lisa Stieler at or (949) 824-3806.

Past Statistics Seminar Series:

Spring 2020

April 16
Fabrizio Ruggeri
Italian National Research Council in Milano
“New Classes of Priors Based on Stochastic Orders: Theory and Applications in Reliability”
Join seminar via Zoom.
April 23
Krishna Balasubramanian
UC Davis
“Normal Approximations for Stochastic Iterative Estimators (and Martingales)”
Join seminar via Zoom.
May 12
Mine Dogucu
UC Irvine
“Strategies and Tools for Fair and Efficient Grading”
Join seminar via Zoom.
May 19
Aurore Delaigle
University of Melbourne
“Estimating a Covariance Function from Fragments of Functional Data”
Join seminar via Zoom.
May 26
Wes Johnson
UC Irvine
“Bayesian Disease Diagnosis and Diagnostic Testing”
Join seminar via Zoom.
June 2
Xiwei Tang
University of Virginia
“Multivariate Temporal Point Process Regression”
Join seminar via Zoom.

Fall 2019

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