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Minor in Statistics

The minor in Statistics is designed to provide students with exposure to both statistical theory and practice.  The minor requires a total of seven courses.  These include a mathematics course, five core statistics courses, and an elective that may be taken from among several departments.  Some of the courses used to complete the minor may include prerequisites that may or may not be part of a student’s course requirements for their major.  Because of this the minor is somewhat intensive, but it is a useful complement to a variety of undergraduate fields for quantitatively inclined students.  The minor, supplemented with a few additional courses (mathematics and computing), would provide sufficient background for graduate study in statistics. Students considering a minor in Statistics should meet with the Director of Undergraduate Studies in Statistics as early as possible to plan their coursework.

NOTE:  Students may not receive both a minor in Statistics and a specialization in Statistics within the Mathematics major.


Six required courses: 
Mathematics 3A or Mathematics 6G (Introduction to Linear Algebra)
Statistics 120A-B-C (Introduction to Probability and Statistics)
Statistics 110-111 (Statistical Methods for Data Analysis I & II)

One elective course:
Students select one course from the following list:
Statistics 7 (Basic Statistics) or equivalent course (but only if taken prior to Statistics 110)
Statistics112 (Statistical Methods for Data Analysis III)
Statistics 121 (Probability Models)
Mathematics 105A or 105B (Numerical Analysis)
Mathematics 130B or 130C (Probability and Stochastic Processes)
Mathematics 132B or 132C (Discrete Probability and Mathematical Theory of Sample Surveys)
Information and Computer Science 21 (Introduction to Computer Science)

Alternately students may substitute another course with approval of the Department’s Director of Undergraduate Studies.

Please contact an ICS Student Affairs Office Counselor at or (949) 824-5156.