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Welcome to Statistics at ICS

Chair’s Message

Dan Gillen

Statistics is the science concerned with developing and studying methods for collecting, analyzing, interpreting and presenting empirical data.

Statistical principles and methods are important for addressing questions in public policy, medicine, industry and virtually every branch of science.

Interest in statistical methods has increased dramatically with the abundance of large databases in fields like computer science (internet and web traffic), business and marketing (transaction records), and biology (the human genome and related data).

It is the substantial questions in the various areas of application that drive the development of new statistical methods and motivate the mathematical study of the methods’ properties.

UCI’s Department of Statistics was created in 2002 with an emphasis on research in statistical theory and interdisciplinary collaborations and is actively recruiting additional members.

The Department also intends to capitalize on existing statistical expertise in other Bren School departments as well as other schools at UCI.

Welcome to Statistics at UCI! Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions that are not addressed on this Web site.

Dan Gillen
Professor and Chair
Department of Statistics